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Thursday, September 19, 2019

FREE TRADE ROCKS! Explains What Everyone Should Know about International Trade

Ray Keating Explores How Free Trade Benefits People Throughout the Nation, Around the World and Across Income Levels 

Long Island, NY –While free trade has come under attack, Ray Keating lays out in clear, simple fashion the benefits of free trade and the ills of protectionism in FREE TRADE ROCKS! 10 POINTS ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW.

Tapping into his experiences as an economist, policy analyst, newspaper and online columnist, entrepreneur, and college professor, who taught MBA courses on international business and entrepreneurship, Keating explores and explains in straightforward fashion 10 key points or areas that everyone - from entrepreneurs and executives to students and employees to politicians and taxpayers - needs to understand about how trade works and how free trade generates benefits for people across towns, the nation and international borders.

The 10 points or areas covered in FREE TRADE ROCKS! are...

Point 1: Do People "Get It" on Free Trade?

Point 2: Economics 101 on Trade

Point 3: Debunking Trade Myths

Point 4: Trade and the U.S. Economy

Point 5: Trading Partners

Point 6: Trade and Small Business

Point 7: Ills of Protectionism

Point 8: Brief History of Free Trade Deals

Point 9: The Morality of Free Trade

Point 10: The Future of Trade

Keating makes clear that nations don't trade. Instead, businesses and individuals trade, and free trade is simply about expanding the freedom to trade by reducing or eliminating governmental costs and restrictions.

Regarding FREE TRADE ROCKS!, Dan Mitchell, Chairman of the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, declares, “A common-sense explanation of why politicians and bureaucrats shouldn't throw sand in the gears of global trade.”

And Self-Publishing Review gives FREE TRADE ROCKS! four stars, and says: “International trade policy has come to the forefront of global politics, making FREE TRADE ROCKS! 10 POINTS ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW by Ray Keating a timely and fascinating read for a suddenly curious demographic. Keating manages to bring this seemingly dull subject to accessible life with real-world examples often torn straight from recent headlines, along with a comprehensive and (mostly) impartial view on the topic. As the exclamatory title suggests, Keating is a fan of free trade, but his deep expertise spanning a wide range of subjects and career paths makes this book an engaging, informative, and essential read for those who want to weigh in on this hot-button issue."

Also, George Leef, the Director of Research at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, observes, “Ever since Donald Trump started talking about foreign trade, I have thought that what the country needs is a clear, easily understood book that explains why the government should not mess with free trade. Lo and behold, Ray Keating has written exactly that book. FREE TRADE ROCKS!clears away the myths and misconceptions that trade interventionists count on.”

Beyond a general readership interested in our economy, FREE TRADE ROCKS! is ideal for the classroom, boardroom and workplace.

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